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Growing Bamboo in GA

Growing Bamboo in AL

American Bamboos Hardcover, 392 pages Emmet J. Judziewicz, Lynn G. Clark, Ximena Londono & Margaret J. Stern
Anatomy of Bamboo Culms, The
Softcover, 204 pages Walter Liese (INBAR Technical Report)
Hardcover, 213 pages Robert Austin, Dana Levy &
 Koichiro Ueda
Bamboo - a Material for Landscape and Garden Design
Hardcover, 143 pages Jan Oprins, Harry van Trier et al
Bamboo and the Pacific Northwest - Proceedings of the 1994 PNW Bamboo Agro-Forestry Workshop Spiral-bound booklet, 97 pages Edited by Gib Cooper & Tom Taylor
Bamboo Basket Art of Higashi Takesonsai, The Softcover, 103 pages Lloyd Cotsen & Robert T. Coffland
Bamboo Baskets Hardcover, 144 pages Maggie Oster
Bamboo Carving of China
Softcover, 144 pages Wang Shixiang/Wan-go Weng
Bamboo Cutter & the Moon Maiden, The Hardcover, 30 pages based on translation by Teresa Peirce Williston
Bamboo for Gardens Hardcover, 406 pages Ted Jordan Meredith
Bamboo Furniture - Phyllostachys aurea -
Manufacturing Process Mannual
Softcover, 182 pages Virginia Carmoil Umana
Bamboo Garden, The (London 1896) ABS reprint, 225 pages A. B. Freeman-Mitford
Bamboo Growing in Alabama Auburn University Booklet, 30 pages  
Bamboo Handbook, The Softcover, 120 pages Dumford L. Dart
Bamboo in Japan Hardcover, 223 pages Nancy Moore Bess with Bibi Wein
Bamboo in the United States USDA Handbook # 193, June 1961, 74 pages  
Bamboo of Japan - Splendor in Four Seasons Paperback, 96 pages (photographs)
Shinji Takama 
Bamboo on the Farm Paperback, 48 pages Daphne Lewis
Bamboo - One Hundred Paths to Beauty
Hardcover, 96 pages Shinji Takama
Bamboo Preservation Compendium Softcover, 231 pages Walter Liese and Satish Kumar
Bamboo Production Research at Savannah, Georgia, 1958-1977 USDA Booklet, 17 pages  
Bamboo Rediscovered
Softcover, 95 pages Victor Cusack 
Bamboo, The Amazing Grass, A Guide To The Diversity and Study of Bamboo in Southeast Asia
Softcover, 80 pages KM Wong
Bamboo The Gift of the Gods Hardcover, 553 pages Oscar Hidalgo-Lopez
Bamboo Valley - A Story of a Chinese Bamboo Forest
Ann Whitehead Nagda
Bamboo World Hardcover, 224 pages Victor Cusack
Bamboos Hardcover, 128 pages Christine Recht & Max F. Wetterwald
Bamboos of the Genus Phyllostachys Under Cultivation in the US USDA Handbook No. 114, 69 pages F. A. McClure
Bamboos, The Paperback, 341 pages F. A. McClure
Basketmaker in Rural Japan, A Softcover, 160 pages Louise Allison Cort & Nakamura Kenji
Book of Bamboo, The Softcover, 332 pages David Farrelly
Building Bamboo Fences
Softcover, 142 pages Isao Yoshikawa
Building with Bamboo, A handbook
Softcover, 65 pages Jules J.A. Jassen
Compendium of Chinese Bamboo, A
Hardcover, 241 pages China Forestry Publishing House
Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Arts Softcover, 144 pages Robert T. Coffland
Craft & Art of Bamboo, The Softcover, 160 pages Carol Stangler
Creating Japanese Gardens Softcover, 107 pages Ortho Books Editorial Staff
Creating Your Own Japanese Garden Hardcover, 120 pages Takashi Sawano
Cultivation of Bamboo in Japan (1899) ABS reprint, 127 pages Sir Ernest Satow
Diseases of Bamboos in Asia
Soft-bound illustrated manual, 228 pages
Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod
Paperback, 256 pages
George E. Maurer and Benard P. Elser
Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos, The Hardcover, 155 pages Michael Bell
Grasses and Bamboos - AHS Practical Guides Softcover, 80 pages Roger Grounds
Grasses and Bamboos
Hardcover, 112 pages Noel Kingsbury
Grow Your Own House Softcover, 300 pages Simon Velez
Growing Bamboo in Georgia Spiral-bound booklet, 46 pages David Linvill, Frank Linton & Michael Hotchkiss
Growing Ornamental Bamboo USDA Bulletin # 76, August 1961, 8 pages  
Growing Ornamental Bamboo, Revised USDA Bulletin # 76, Rev. August, 1978, 10 pages  
Hardy Bamboos for Shoots and Poles Booklet, 28 pages Daphne Lewis
Hardy Bamboos  - Taming the Dragon
Hardcover, 300 pages Paul Whittaker
Hin: The Quiet Beauty of Japanese Bamboo Art
Softcover, 96 pages Robert T. Coffland, Donald Doe, Daniel Strong
How to - Bamboo
Softcover, 77 pages - reprint of
Bamboo Work first published
in London in 1853
Paul Hasluck, editor
How to Build with Bamboo
Softcover, 94 pages Jo Scheer
INBAR News Magazines, Vol 8-1 & 2, Vol 9-1s Various
Insect Pests of Bamboos in Asia
Soft-bound illustrated manual, 200 pages
Japanese Bamboos and Their Introduction into America USDA Bulletin No. 43, 1903. Paperback. 43 pages. David G. Fairchild
Japanese Gardening in Small Spaces
Hardcover, 128 pages. Isao Yoshikawa
LaBambouseraie General Catalogue November, 2000 edition, 127 pages  
LaBambouseraie, History of Booklet, 36 pages  
Manual for Vegatative Propagation of Bamboo, A Booklet, 65 pages Ratan Lai Banik / INBAR
National Geographic October, 1980 Issue Article, "Bamboo  - the Giant Grass" National Geographic Society
New Bamboo Architecture and Design Hardcover, 207 pages Marceio Villegas
Ornamental Grasses, Bamboos, Rushes, & Sedges
Hardcover, 96 pages Nigel J Taylor
Orientations, February, 1999 Issue Article - "Bamboo Basket Art of Fujinuma Noboru"
Robert T. Coffland
Preliminary Analysis of the Potential Economic and Conservation Outcomes of Bamboo Production in the Southwestern United States Booklet, 26 pages Winrock International for W. Alton Jones Foundation
Simple Flutes
Softcover, 44 pages Mark Shepard
Sumi-E Book, The Softcover, 128 pages Yolanda Mayhall
Sumi-E Dream Book, The Softcover, 128 pages Yolanda Mayhall
Tabletop Fountains
Softcover, 64 pages Rod Ferring
Temperate Bamboo Quartely, Vols.l, ll & lll Varing lengths Sue & Adam Turtle
Vertical Soak Diffusion for Bamboo Preservation Booklet, 15 pages Environmental Bamboo Foundation
World Was My Garden, The
Hardcover, 494 pages
David Fairchild
Why Bamboos Wait So Long to Flower Spiral-bound booklet, 36 pages Daniel H. Janzen
All Tied Up in Bow Making Video Jaap Koppedrayer
Bamboo Is Life and a Philosophy 25-minute video Produced by Japan Union of Bamboo Industry Associations
CD CD from old BambooPeople Internet Group
Martin Coto - Photos by Darrel DeBoer CD
Photos of Martin Coto's bamboo projects and construction techniques
CNN Style and Basket Demonstration 29-minute video CNN Interview with Robert Coffland plus Shono Shounsai Demonstration on basket making.
"Entrance to the Future" 8-minute video Split bamboo sculpture by Shigeo Kawashima
Shono Tokuzo Solo Exhibition 15-minute video Exhibit of baskets by Shono Tokuzo
Sound of Bamboo, The 60-minute video Michel Abadie / Laurent Ferrai
Texas Welcomes ABS Houston, 2005
Photos from 2005 ABS Annual Meeting
Wonder Grass, The - 7 Parts 1 hour, 45-minute video
Various USDA Publications
Bamboos of the Genus Phyllostachys Under Cultivation in the US by F.A. McClure USDA Handbook 114

Inventory of Bamboo at USDA TARS in Mayaguez, PR

Bamboo in the United States by Robert Young and Joseph Haun, USDA Handbook 193

Fiber and Papermaking Characteristics of Bamboo, USDA Technical Bulletin 1361

Growing Ornamental Bamboo, USDA Handbook 76

Photos of shoots, culms and culm sheaths of many Phyllostachys varieties.

Identification notes/descriptions of 23 species of Phyllostachys by Tom Woods




1. Books may be borrowed for up to 30 days. A member may borrow a maximum of two (2) books at one time.

2. The Chapter will pay postage to send the book to the member; the member pays return postage.

3. Some books may require a deposit equal to the value of the book, with the deposit being refunded when the book is returned.


1. Books may be borrowed for up to 30 days. Non-chapter members may borrow only one (1) book at a time.

2. The borrower will pay all postage costs as well as a deposit equal to the value of the book. Upon return of the book to the library, the deposit will be refunded.


Requests to borrow books may be made by mail, e-mail or telephone to:

Mary Ann Silverman
1458 Dusty Road
Crewe, VA 23930

(434) 645-7662

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